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Empowering women has set the stage for many other organizations, but our approach at Banwo Foundation, Inc. to empowering women, is intentional. We seek to elevate the different women that goes through our program to become community influencers.


Our deliberate and collaborative approach to executing our mission will allow us to engage different women with a focus on underrepresented women. We look to bridge the gap in connecting women especially underrepresented women with empowerment tools to find their paths and influence the change they want to see in their communities and industries.

Therefore, Banwo Foundation matters for the mere reason that representation, acknowledgement, authenticity and fellowship matters to women especially underrepresented women. 


Banwo Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering young women aged 18 to 24 through comprehensive programs and initiatives. Our mission is to provide these women with the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive personally, professionally, and socially. By focusing on education, mentorship, advocacy, and wellness, we aim to empower a new generation of confident, resilient, and empowered women who are equipped to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.


Our vision at Banwo Foundation is to create a world where young women aged 18 to 24 are empowered to realize their full potential and become catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond. We envision a future where every young woman has access to quality education, mentorship, advocacy resources, and wellness support, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to society. Through our dedication to empowerment, equity, and opportunity, we aspire to inspire a generation of confident, resilient, and empowered women who are agents of positive transformation.

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Banwo Foundation's genesis in 2018 heralds the commencement of a profound odyssey, ignited by the impassioned vision of Tinuade Pena. Driven by an unwavering commitment to narrow the chasm confronting young women, Tinuade conceived a sanctuary brimming with opportunities for financial enlightenment, health consciousness, advocacy fervor, entrepreneurial understanding, and communal synergy.

In homage to her cherished mother, the esteemed Olubanwo I. Akinyinka, revered for her boundless empathy and unwavering resolve, Tinuade embarked on a crusade of empowerment. Thus, the Banwo Life Skills Fellowship Program was crafted as the vehicle to aid in bridging the gap to access for many young women. The untimely demise of Banwo, succumbing to complications from fibroid surgery at a tender forty-eight, reverberated as a poignant clarion call, compelling Tinuade to transmute sorrow into purposeful action.

The Banwo Awards and Honors Ceremony, an exaltation of unsung heroines in the tapestry of grassroots altruism, stands as an enduring testament to Banwo Akinyinka's indelible legacy. Tinuade's profound bereavement illuminated the imperative of collective self-nurturance, accentuating the poignant truth that by tending to our individual wellness, we fortify ourselves to extend genuine solace to others."

These changes aim to enhance the clarity and flow of the narrative while maintaining its emotional resonance.


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Tinu Akinyinka-Peña

Founder & President

Tinu Pena is a  long-time resident of Palm Beach County and have been heavily involved within the community, serving on technical, advisory and non-profit boards as well as speaking at event focused on girls and women.

Tinu has served on a number of boards at the local and regional levels in Palm Beach County. She brings years of volunteerism and advocacy to the table to lead Banwo Foundation. The organization was founded to help close the gap as it relates to women in actualizing their potentials and celebrating women that are community leaders and influencers who are engaged in helping other women at the grassroot level. 

With the focus on women between the ages of 18 and 24 years, Tinu plans to create a safe space where young women of different backgrounds can learn, share, and grow in a constructive manner.

With twenty years of professional experience as a Civil Engineer and Project Manager, Tinu has always given of her time to speak with the youth and women about the spaces they occupy and always makes it a point to encourage other to be BAD. Bold, Audacious and Daring in all that they do to be the best versions of themselves.

Tinu is a strong believer in women leadership and continues to share in that space to engage other to go where they are uncomfortable to be seen in those spaces.

Tinu hold s Master of Science degree in Project Management, Bachelor's in Civil Engineering, Associate of Science in Computer Science and Associate of Arts in Architecture. She was recently recognized as one of South Florida Prominent and Influential Black Women in Business and nominees of the Executive Women of Palm Beaches and Women's Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.

Meet the Team

The Labor Force Statistics from the Current Population Survey highlight the percentage of employed women based on their ethnicity, revealing a gap between women of different ethnicities across various occupations. Furthermore, for women in chief executive positions, the data shows that while women make up only 29.1% of those in this management category, a further breakdown reveals that Black/African American women make up 5.9%, Asian women make up 6.8%, Hispanic/Latina women make up 7.4%, and white women make up 85.7% in this category.

To address this gap, the organization seeks to engage, enrich, and empower women in the target group. We aim to help them envision themselves occupying spaces that they may have historically considered unattainable by providing foundational skills and training to support their personal and professional growth.

We plan to accomplish this initiative through active engagement, focusing on the following four pillars:

Wealth Development
Health & Wellness
Wealth Development 
Health & Wellness

Your Support Matters

We are responsible for the change we want to see.

With your support, Banwo Foundation can continue to build on its space to create influential leaders that would keep the torch lit for those coming behind them.

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